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Winter Coats: Boutiques VS. Luxury Dept. Stores

Let's be transparent; unique people don't particularly like to see duplicates of themselves when it comes to their wardrobe investment pieces! Or is it just me? I can truly thank my mother for this, because she designed and sewed most of our dresses, and coats when I was growing up so I never feared others being dressed like me-EVER!

So what are the differences between shopping at Boutiques VS. Luxury Department Stores?

Personally, I shop at both for various reasons, but when I do, these are the three things I always look for:

1: Unique Designs

2: Quaity

3: Pricing

When it comes to unique designs, this is where boutique shops have the edge, because they normally carry local or small name designers whose lines are one-of-kind, and sizing is very limited to 1 of each size in order to maintain exclusivity for customers. So, if you are fortunate to obtain one of these originals in your size, although the price point may be higher, the quality craftsmanship is normally impeccable, so your cost-per-wear is definitely justifiable.

Now as for Luxury Department Stores, the design and sizing selections are much larger (especially online), and so are the brand names, and prices, in part due to the massive overhead that these stores have to maintain. However, the trusted following that well known designers have, can make shopping these stores much more appealing for some. In addition, the exciting adrenaline rush of seasonal sales and markdowns alone can make it well worth your while if you're fortunate enough to find your size at that time.

So in summary, there is a time and reason to shop at both. If you want unique investment pieces that you are less likely to repetitively see, boutique shopping is the way to go. However, indulging in a luxury department store seasonal sale, and getting wish list pieces, although readily available to many, can also be a win win.

January is the month to shop at both due to stores needing to unload their winter inventory in order to make room their spring inventory to hit the shelves, and racks so HAPPY SALES SHOPPING!

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